Friday, July 31, 2015

The Day God Brought Us You

“I think she prayed like crazy that you would be safe, Little Fox.
I think she prayed for me as much as I prayed for her.” Mama’s voice got all whispery. “And God answered both our prayers.”
“I came home then? To you?”
Mama nodded, happy tears in her eyes. “You came then.
When God found us you, you made me the happiest mama in the world.”
- God Found us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren

   There are a lot of things I have reflected on, this week, as we have been approaching the one year anniversary to bringing Aiden home. There are so many memories from that week, and it seems that every day has been a “a year ago at this time” kind of day.

   I remember getting the call on Monday the twenty-eighth. We were having dinner with friends. We were out on the deck when my phone rang. I saw the social worker’s number on the screen and thought she must need more information for our paperwork. I had just met with her that morning to give her our profile. When I answered, she said, “So, remember how we joked about you bringing a baby home tonight? Well, how’s tomorrow work for you?” I about died! We sat around the table that night, in shock, as our friends prayed over us, prayed for our family, for Aiden and his birthmom.

 The next day, we met with Aiden’s birthmom at a restaurant. Talk about a surreal moment, walking into a restaurant and looking into the eyes of the woman that would be bringing new life into our family, the woman that would be becoming a part of our family. We were told Aiden would be coming home that night, but there were complications and circumstances beyond our control. He didn’t come home that night or the next. I was at the end of my rope and had gone to my parents' house for help with the kids (I was so nervous that my patience was running low), a shoulder to cry on and overall support. As a matter of fact, by the thirty-first, we were told, “Instead of looking at this as 'when will he come home?', look at it as 'how much information did we find out.?' He will come home; we just don’t know when.” We decided to stay at my parents' for the night because I was barely holding it together. Adam and I were praying like crazy, and my parents were offering prayer and support that we absolutely needed at that time. My mom and I went to the grocery store to get things for supper. I just needed to be doing something, anything, to keep my mind busy. We were walking through the store, getting bacon, when my phone rang. Our social worker was calling. I thought she was just calling to check in or to update us on the continued plan. When I answered she said she was sorry she had taken so long to call me that night, but she had a little boy with her that was ready to come home. I was crying and laughing and telling my mom what she said. Then my mom started crying and laughing and jumping up and down. She grabbed me, and we hugged and jumped and cried in the middle of the store, bacon flying. I immediately called Adam, and we cried together on the phone and praised God for the miracle He had just worked.

We went to get Aiden as soon as we were told we could come that night. It didn’t seem real. We walked into the house, and Aiden’s birthmom stood there, along with our social worker and the birthmom counselor. She was holding him. We were told she wanted to be the one to hand him to me, and that she wanted to spend those first few moments with us. As we walked up, she reached out her arms, with love in her eyes, and handed Aiden to me. She leaned in, and we hugged each other, with this precious baby boy between us. My heart connected with her heart, and we both knew this was the beginning of the next chapter of his life, of our lives. Both of us, both of his moms, stood there, holding each other, holding him and wanting the very same thing for him: that he would be loved and taken care of, that he would love and know love, that he would grow up knowing he was and is wanted and loved and part of the Creator’s master plan. Aiden’s birthmom and I bonded that day over our shared love for him.  I sit here a year later, praising God that I get to be one of the moms Aiden has had in his life. I am so thankful that on July 31, 2014, I got to hold and snuggle and bring him home forever. I still remember sleeping the whole night with my arm in the bassinet so he would know I was there and that I loved him.

   As I reflect on that time a year ago, and I am overcome with joy that he is my son, I can’t help but also be overcome with thankfulness for Aiden’s birthmom. I am thankful for the decision she made a year ago. I am thankful to know that she loves Aiden and during her whole pregnancy she prayed for him to have a family. She said it was the most she had ever prayed in her life. She said she knew God had a plan for Aiden’s life and she knew God had a family for Aiden. I am so thankful that she prayed those prayers and that she loves Aiden so much, a sacrificial love. I feel honored that she would choose us. What a high calling to be the ones that someone chooses to be the family for the child she has carried, loved and prayed for. I have a love for Aiden’s first mom that I can’t explain.

 This is a day that we celebrate. We celebrate Aiden and all the joy he has brought to our family. We celebrate his birthmom for all the love and care she gave Aiden, for her decision to place him with us and for her courage to follow through with what she felt was best for him.
 July 31, 2014, Gotcha Day, Family Day, Homecoming - whatever you want to call it. It was the day we held our son in our arms for the very first time. It was the day Carter and Norah Lynn stayed up until midnight to meet their new brother. It was a day of many answered prayers...the day we got the son we had prayed for...the day Carter and Norah Lynn got the brother they had prayed God be the glory for July 31, 2014.

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