Sunday, April 7, 2013


This is a picture taken by a friend.  This is a picture of love, support, sacrifice and community.

Our church family had a yard sale to raise money for families in our church that are adopting.  Yesterday was an amazing day for us.  We looked around and saw people that love us, people that love Memphis, people that love Jesus.  

Adoption is an amazing journey.  We are only in the beginning steps and our faith is being stretched every day.  It is hard a journey!  It is a scary journey!  It is a wonderful journey!  

Community is a crucial part of surviving.  We are made to live in community.  This life is modeled for us in the Trinity.  Community is a beautiful thing when it is fueled by a love for Jesus.  A community fueled by a love for Jesus throws a yard sale for families that are adopting.  The families that spearheaded this yard sale are not currently adopting, but they love Jesus, this city, and the families that are adopting.  

I want to publicly thank all of the families that sacrificed time, energy and stuff to make yesterday such a success.  Thank you for the very bottom of my heart!  My child that is out there, the one we don't know yet, the one that so many of you are praying for thanks you!  I can't wait to introduce this child to the wonderful community in which God has placed us.  We are grateful to be raising our children with people that love Jesus!

Thank you V&E Parish!  You are amazing!  This is what community looks like.