Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mother of Two

Things I've learned in my short time as a mother of two:

1. Love is not something I can measure or understand. God has made my heart big enough to fall in love with two beautiful children.

2. Patience does not come easy while suffering from sleep deprivation.

3. Never underestimate the amount of laughter a two year old can bring into your life, or the power that that laughter has to overcome sleep deprivation and a small case of baby blues.

4. A helpful, understanding, loving husband is priceless.

5. I am able to do much more than I thought, but only with lots of prayer and a few tears here and there.

6. The middle of the night is not my first choice, but it is a great time to enjoy the wonderful treasure that is a new baby. We are the only two awake and she is all mine with no interruptions.

7. It is not easier the second time around to listen to your baby cry.

8. Your first child goes from being a baby to a big boy the minute that baby comes out. I mean he talks in complete sentences now. He helps me with Norah Lynn. He has aged years over night!!

9. A well rested mommy is a better mommy.

10. Family is a blessing. It has been wonderful to have family around this time!!