Thursday, December 12, 2013

God Knows

Here is a video that someone posted on facebook or twitter.  I saw it and it moved me.

I just loved it and cried right along with them. My favorite line in the whole video is when the dad says, "All those years, all those prayers were for him.  Were for Jacob."

I loved this line so much because it reminded me that all our prayers and all the preparations we are doing now are for a specific child.  It reminded me that this is not in my control and there is nothing I can to do to make it happen sooner or to mess it up.  God knows!  God knows the very child that is our son or daughter.  Adoption is not a random happening that takes place when our number comes up.  Just as God knits children together in the womb, He has a plan for their life from the very beginning.  It does not surprise Him that they are in need of a family or the timing when they will make their entry into the world.  God knows exactly when our child will be born and He will make us ready.  God knows what we need and He provides!  All of that is encouraging, but the thing that gives me the most comfort is to know that God already, knows our baby, whether conceived or not!  He already loves our baby and He already has a plan for our baby.  God already has His hand in our baby's life.  He can see our baby's face.  God knows!  When we don't, God knows!

 How can I not be comforted knowing that God is holding our baby and when it is His perfect timing so will we!!