Monday, October 28, 2013

Audrey and Katherine

I had the privilege of photographing this sweet mom and her precious baby girl last week.

 I met Audrey through mentoring in the A Way Out organization here in Memphis.  Audrey came to AWO from jail.  She was pregnant and desperately looking for a way to change her life. She had tried to change before but always held on the the past and ended up back on the streets.

 Audrey's life on the street started early, being introduced to crack and prostitution, by a family member, as a young teenager.  As she would tell you, her time on the streets was not glamorous or fun; it was hard and empty.  She was beaten and raped and consumed by the drug that was destroying her life.  Audrey had spent almost 20 years on the street before coming to AWO.

God has used A Way Out to change Audrey's life.  It is amazing to see the ways Jesus is moving in Audrey.  She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl less than a month after she entered AWO.  She has been an amazing mother since day one and strives to learn more about raising Katherine in a way that honors God.  She shows that baby girl the love of Jesus every day.  Audrey would tell you that God has used Katherine to save her life, but what I hope Audrey sees is that God is using her to give an amazing example of His grace to Katherine.  Audrey has completed the intensive recovery program offered by AWO and is currently working on getting her GED.  She has been clean around 8 months and inspires the new girls, that come in, to stick with the program.  God is working miracles in Audrey and her story is a testimony to God's love, grace and faithfulness to finish what He has started.  I am so proud of Audrey and smitten by Katherine.  It is an honor to know her and to be a part of her life.

Thank you, Audrey and Katherine, for letting me capture a little piece of your life.  I love you guys!