Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little Boy

Here are the latest pictures. You get three for the price of one considering that I am seriously slacking when it comes to posting.

So, the topic of this post is little boys. Let them be boys!! There is a difference between misbehaving and being adventurous. Little boys are born with curiosity and adventure inside them. Carter is a very well-behaved, rowdy, gross, adventurous, dirty, fun-loving, smart, curious, loud, and brave little boy. I love every minute of it! He pushes the limits constantly of what makes me comfortable, but then I realize that he can do more than I realize. He is constantly proving to me that he is more capable and more independent than I know. God made little boys to be different from little girls, so why do we train our boys up to be feminine men?

This goes back to another post I have written about the man stepping up and being the man. I think we have discouraged men being men in our society. We discourage curiosity and adventure. Instead of teaching them to use the nature God has given them to glorify Him, we teach little boys that by being curious they are being "bad". Instead why don't we guide that curiosity towards God. Direct them to learn all they can about God and His creation and use every curious moment, every adventure or too loud moment in the store as a learning opportunity. Let's raise our boys up to be MEN that glorify and honor God. Raise them up to use the "wild" nature within to explore who God is and what God desires for them!

I love having a little boy and love the fact he sees the wonder around in God's world and wants to explore all of it. This doesn't come without a fear on my part and exhaustion at times. The boy can run me ragged!! Enjoy your little boy because one day he will grow up to be a man and you, mommy and daddy, have a huge part in what kind of man that will be!

Disclaimer: This is not an excuse to let your little boy run wild with no discipline. Like I said before, there is a difference in misbehaving and curiosity/an adventurous spirit. Little boys should still obey and show respect. There is an appropriate time to run wild and a time to practice self-control.