Monday, March 11, 2013

Let the Journey Begin


Adam, Carter, Norah Lynn and I are adopting!

The ways in which God has changed us, shown us His love and grace and moved us since we have been married is amazing.  When I look back at the beginning of our marriage and then look at now, I am thankful to say that God has worked in our lives most wonderfully.

This work in our lives has brought us here, to this very moment, to this very decision.  We are adopting.  We are adopting domestically.  We are more than excited to be doing so.

Adam and I have always know we wanted children.  Even from before we were married we knew we wanted several children.  We knew we wanted to raise them up to love and follow God.  We knew we wanted our house to be one that was full of love and encouragement and fun!

What we didn't know or even suspect was how God would bring us to have these children.  He has given us two amazing biological children.  We are so blessed to have them and so thankful for their little lives.  When we started praying and talking about having another child, the answer became very clear to both of us that our plan, our journey included adoption.

We know that there is a little child either already out there or on his or her way that is ours, part of our family.  We not only know, but are overjoyed with the thought and knowledge that God is already preparing this child to be a part of our family just as He has with our other two children.

We are ready, little one, to welcome you home!