Tuesday, September 10, 2013

God Provides

Here are a few pictures from my latest photo shoot.

God is providing throughout this adoption process in amazing ways.  He has provided families, like the Swetts (above), that allow me to capture moments of their family while providing money to grow mine.  God sold our truck in less than a week, which provides half the money for our adoption.

The finances are a huge part of all of this, but the most amazing way that I have seen God provide for our family has been in the peace He has given us as we walk through each step.  Adoption is a wonderful, but very hard process.  It is hard to have so many people taking part in such a personal part of your life.  It is hard waiting on reference letters, fingerprints to return, money to come in, home study being complete.  It is hard not to have any control over these things being done.  I have learned...God is teaching me that He is in control, not our case worker, not the people processing our background checks and not our friends who we have had to count on the provide references.
                                                              GOD IS IN CONTROL!
We will have a baby when the baby that God has for us, that God knows is our baby is ready.  Paperwork, timelines...all that mess doesn't matter!
                                                              GOD IS IN CONTROL!
All of this process is just the stuff that we humans do while God is really taking care of everything.  That is what lets me sleep at night.  That is what makes it ok that I don't know when my baby will be born or if he or she is already born.  That is what makes it ok that I don't know the sex, race or health of my baby.  God does and He is taking care of everything.

                                                              GOD IS IN CONTROL!

Thank you Doug and Holly for being a part of the process!

If you are interested in a session email me at janalynn82@gmail.com  Feel free to pass along the info!